Why Privacy Is Important

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Great video by Aral explains why ‪#‎privacy‬ is important.

Video link : https://ind.ie/the-camera-panopticon/

“Privacy is not about whether or not you have something to hide.
It’s about having the right to choose what you want to keep to yourself — and what you want to share with others.” ‘Aral Balkan’


We all know that Government surveillance is bad. It’s very easy to identify as a threat. We have all of this scary symbolism around it. We have history, the hindsight of history. We have the Stasi for example. We have a very strong canon; Orwell, Huxley and yet, is it the only threat? Is it today even the most important threat? What if surveillance didn’t look this scary? What if it actually looked, well, pretty friendly? Could we still identify it as a threat?

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